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The partners of the ERASMUS+-funded EUSTEPs project

in partnership with

Sustainable Development Solution Network Black Sea and Mediterranean


Sustainability education made accessible to all:

How the EUSTEPs project allows HEI educators of all disciplines to easily and effectively incorporate sustainability teaching in their courses 

27 January 2021, 10 am – 11:15 am CET


Education is increasingly gaining a central role in easing the transition to a sustainable world. However, too few universities are properly equipped to teach sustainability in a fun and interactive manner, let alone to practice it. Designed for all educators and students at High Education Institutions (HEI), the EUSTEPs module offers a novel, experiential and hands-on approach so that sustainability is not imposed by educators but rather endogenously realized by students. In addition, by engaging the whole academic community in a dialogue about sustainability — including measuring it — the EUSTEPs project strives to ensure that sustainability is not only taught but also practiced on campuses.

Join the partners behind the EUSTEPs project in this online event. Learn first-hand about their innovative approach. Experience the interactive teaching tools and materials. Ask all the questions on your mind. Learn about how you can bring the module to your own courses.

The event is intended for HEI educators of all disciplines. It will focus in particular on the following items:

  • EUSTEPs teaching module: Freely available today, this resource in English, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese (comprehensive of all supporting teaching material) can be used by any university and within any field of study. Easy to integrate within existing courses, it is primarily intended for undergraduate students (for all course and degree type) and postgraduate students with no specific environmental science background.
  • Upcoming Campus Footprint Calculator: To be launched in 2021, this tool is intended to help any university in Europe and outside Europe assess their impact on the planet and make informed decisions on how to manage resource use within campuses and reduce environmental impact.


Scroll down for links to downloadable presentation PDFs.



  • Welcome

George Malandrakis, Lead partner Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

  • Introduction
    • Angelo Riccaboni, Chair of the Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) Mediterranean
    • Nicolaos Theodossiou, Chair of the Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) Black Sea

    • Premise and objective – George Malandrakis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
    • Deliverables (a/ existing b/ planned) – Sara Moreno Pires, University of Aveiro

Federico Maria Pulselli, University of Sienna

  • Experiencing interactive learning: the Ecological Footprint Calculator exercise [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Alessandro Galli, Global Footprint Network; Nicoletta Patrizi, University of Sienna

  • Q&A and discussion

Moderated by Sandra Caeiro, Universidade Aberta