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Assessment of a pilot experience of teaching sustainability through everyday life in European university students”: a presentation at the Second Conference of the Portuguese Network of Sustainable Campuses (CCS2020) by Mariana Nicolau, a postgraduate student in political science at the University of Aveiro who is involved in the EUSTEPs project.

What is the EUSTEPs project? Who is behind it? In what context has it been developed and what goals does it aim to achieve?

After this introduction, Mariana Nicolau will present the pedagogical approach and the structure of the EUSTEPs module. She will also share the feedback that was received from some 40 students who tested the module last spring throughout the four universities that support the project. And she will talk about the conversations about implementing the module in existing curricula that were spurred among educators by the first module training session last month.

Finally, she will touch on the module designed specifically for professors and PhD students in order to amplify the scope of the project, and on the upcoming module for the staff of HEIs.


ID da reunião: 867 9232 8266

Senha de acesso: CCS&Tomar