The free, open access EUSTEPs MOOC introduces the concepts of sustainability and Ecological Footprint, using real life examples to help participants understand global sustainability challenges and how we can address them. Given the important role that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) play in making the transformative shift towards sustainable values and actions, this MOOC also presents sustainability through the lens of HEIs which can incorporate sustainability values in their missions and practices.

The 1st edition of this MOOC was carried out in a tutoring system between May 16 to July 3, 2022. The tutoring system and associated forums for sharing reflections or participating in individual and collaborative activities are currently closed; however, participants may access all educational materials in self-study mode. The self-paced, self-study edition of the MOOC has an estimated duration of 7 weeks.

The MOOC tutoring system will re-open in Spring 2023. Subscribe to our newsletter or check back here later for information on how to enroll.

Participant Stats

The MOOC has already reached participants across the globe.





Participant Testimonials

A big thank you to the Universidade Aberta/EUSTEPS team for creating this MOOC, and for sharing experiences and knowledge in the area of sustainability (a topic that is very dear to me). Throughout this journey, I managed to expand my knowledge in the area of sustainability so it was very positive.

I’m very grateful of this MOOC and the possibility of learning, sharing doubts and ideas with people around the world and giving us some tools to continue our personal work.

The MOOC was very well organized and sequenced; very interesting and diverse materials. Key concepts were introduced clearly and in good depth.