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The partners of the ERASMUS+-funded EUSTEPs project

in partnership with

Sustainable Campus Network, Portugal (RCS-PT)


Sustainability in Action:
How to Reduce the Ecological Footprint of Higher Education Institutions

(Multiplier Event E3)

April 1st from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm (CET)




This event is SOLD OUT.
A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants.


Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have the vision, knowledge, and power to foster a sustainability transition within their community and the wider society. To help HEIs become transformative agents of sustainability, the EUSTEPs project has developed an open-access, online ‘University Footprint Calculator’ to be used by European universities. This digital tool allows users to calculate the Ecological Footprint (EF) of teaching, research and administrative activities within universities and take informed decisions on how to reduce the impact of their Institutions on the planet.

This event is intended for the whole academic community including all HEI academic staff (educators, professors, researchers), HEI non-academic staff (administrative and technical), HEIs management bodies as well as all interested target audiences who are curious to deepen their understanding of sustainability practices in HEI. Join the partners behind the EUSTEPs project in this online event to:

• Discover the new, open-access digital ‘University Footprint Calculator’;

• Learn about the experiences of those EU Universities that already applied the Calculator in their Institution;

• Get inside on how to reduce the Ecological Footprint of HEIs;

• Take a sneak preview of the upcoming online EUSTEPs MOOCs on sustainability and Ecological Footprint, an open educational resource for lifelong learning.



1. Welcome

• George Malandrakis, Lead partner Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and Sandra Caeiro, Organizer, Universidade Aberta – DOWNLOAD SLIDES

2. Keynote speakers

‘A path towards a more sustainable University: Evidence from Universidade Aberta’ by Carla Oliveira, Rector, Universidade Aberta – DOWNLOAD SLIDES

‘Sustainability in Higher Education Institutions: Challenges and opportunities’ by Giulia Sonetti, CENSE, Centre of Environmental and Sustainability Research – DOWNLOAD SLIDES

3. Measuring Universities’ Ecological Footprint

Launching the University Footprint Calculator: Serena Mancini, Global Footprint Network – DOWNLOAD SLIDES

Data collection process: Lessons learned: Various staff of the piloting universities

Q&A with the audience

4. Reducing University’s Ecological Footprint

Results of the assessment of the Ecological Footprint of EU Universities: Alessandro Galli, Global Footprint Network – DOWNLOAD SLIDES

Entry points for Universities Footprint reduction: Sara Moreno Pires, University of Aveiro – DOWNLOAD SLIDES

Q&A with the audiences

5. Upcoming tools and events

The EUSTEPs MOOC on Sustainability and Ecological Footprint: Sandra Caeiro and Paula Nicolau, Universidade Aberta – DOWNLOAD SLIDES

6. Q&A and closing remarks

• Sandra Caeiro, Universidade Aberta