EUSTEPs MOOC is live… and there’s still time to hop in!

The “Sustainability and Ecological Footprint” course that launched on May 16 is ongoing, and will run until July 3. Each participant is free to go through the MOOC at their own pace and to choose how deep they’re willing to get involved. Free registration is still open! If you’re interested in immersing yourself in a discovery journey of the concepts of sustainability, the Ecological Footprint, and of the main aspects of sustainability in Higher Education Institutions (HEI), click the link below to register. You’re also invited to share it widely with your colleagues and friends! More than 170 participants from 26 countries already joined, with the majority being students (33%) and academic staff (31%). Click for more info

Training for administrative staff, round 2: all about the University Footprint Calculator

EUSTEPs academic partners have been busy running the 2nd round of the training course “Ecological Footprint Calculator for Higher Education Institution” for administrative staff. The course is focused on familiarizing participants with the EUSTEPs University Footprint Calculator and teaching them how to use it to monitor and manage their university’s Ecological Footprint. The course covers three main topics: introduction of the University Footprint Calculator and its platform; individual and collaborative activity on using the calculator by the administrative staff and analysis of its sensitivity; and presenting the results of the Footprint for their respective university, together with a set of recommendations.

In Portugal, the training organized by Universidade Aberta and University of Aveiro took place on May 3, 2022. It targeted 17 administrative staff from both universities who work in different sectors of the university administration, mainly those who already participated in the 1st round or collaborated on the data collection phase. In Greece, AUTH provided the training on May 25 to 16 participants from several AUTH Office and Agency administrative staff. In Italy, UNISI will complete the training on June 23-24.

EUSTEPs at LE@D MeetUp22

On March 19th, EUSTEPs project faculty members Prof. Sandra Caeiro, Mahsa Mapar, and Paula Bacelar Nicolau presented the EUSTEPs module and the University Footprint Calculator at LE@D Researcher Meeting – Innovation and Science (“MeetUp22″), a two-day hybrid conference organized by the Distance Education and Elearning Laboratory (LE@D) of Portugal’s Universidade Aberta. The event brought together more than 100 participants (both national and international researchers, collaborators, associates, and students) in person and online. Its objective was to promote reflection, debate, and presentation of the production carried out within the scope of the research centre, both in terms of research and innovation projects based there and the scientific production resulting from the activity of researchers and the advanced training integrated therein (Master’s and Ph.D. courses). Learn more about the event


June 16: The EUSTEPs MOOC is to be featured at the International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) Conference taking place June 15-17 in Stockholm, Sweden. EUSTEPs project faculty members Prof. Sandra Caeiro and Mahsa Mapar will be presenting at 11:45 CET.

June 17: EUSTEPs project faculty member Prof. Federico M. Pulselli has been invited by the Rector of the University of Siena to give a presentation on EUSTEPs as one of the main collaborative projects on sustainability in which the University of Siena participates as a scientific partner. Siena was chosen as the first of three Italian cities to host events this year in the context of the #InsiemepergliSDG (“Together for the SDGs”) initiative, a campaign promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, together with the partners UN SDG Action Campaign, FAO, the European Commission, CIHEAM Iamb of Bari, and Save the Children. The FAO General Director Qu Dongyu and the Pope’s personal advisor, economist Jeffrey Sachs, are expected to be in attendance.

July 6: Global Footprint Network director of Mediterranean and MENA Regions Alessandro Galli will run the EUSTEPs core teaching module at the Summer School on Climate Change and Sustainability & International Youth Climate Summit organized by SustainAware. This project is led by the Slovenian Institute for Health and Environment and aims to raise awareness among young people, youth workers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social business enterprises (SBEs) on climate change, climate mitigation, and sustainable development, educating them on these topics through non-formal approaches.

July 13: This is the tentative date for the EUSTEPs project’s final multiplier event, which will take place both in-person (in Thessaloniki, Greece) and online. Stay tuned for more info!